What is perfect pairs in blackjack?

blackjack perfect pairs

Blackjack has had its ups and downs over the course of its existence, but it hasn’t lost its charm. However, like everything in this world, traditional blackjack can get boring, and sooner or later people may want something new and more exciting. So if you’re looking for a more interesting version of blackjack that gives you the chance to win, even more, blackjack perfect pairs are just right for you. This option is based on the standard game but gives you the right to bet extra on the first two cards that are dealt to you, which can lead to huge winnings.

The basics of blackjack perfect pair

We want to inform you at the outset that Blackjack Perfect Pairs is not a separate blackjack game. The principle and meaning of Perfect Pair Blackjack is almost the same as standard blackjack. The main objective of the players is to collect 21 points or as close to this value, but in no case is not exceeding it. Fans of Blackjack Perfect Pairs have the same options as in regular blackjack. Players can draw a card, stop, double up, or divide pairs in an attempt to make their combination better. In addition, all types of this game offer players insurance. Some of them even allow a later Sarandon, following casino rules.

The feature included in Blackjack Perfect Pairs is the extra stake. That is, the rules allow separate bets from the initial bet to get bonus winnings for special combinations. This additional stake is set separately from the minimum wager table, as there is always a minimum amount defined.

Winnings on additional stakes in Perfect Pairs are paid after the player receives a pair of cards. Payouts are typically limited to pairs of shaped cards such as J-J or Q-Q or K-K.

The downside of blackjack perfect pairs

This variation of the game of traditional blackjack is mainly suitable for amateurs. Additional bets, such as those presented in Blackjack Perfect Pairs, don’t interest expert players and those who count cards, as it doesn’t give a considerable edge to players, and the outcome doesn’t depend on proficiency. It makes absolutely no difference how well you know the different blackjack strategies and card counting. Winning Perfect Pairs blackjack is just a question of luck.

To better understand the low margin associated with extra bets, it’s worth evaluating just how often you can win a wager while playing. Remember that an extra bet of Perfect Pairs costs you another amount of money, most often equal to the table minimum for each combination. There’s about a 92% chance that two of your cards at the blackjack table won’t be a pair. In other words, you can expect to get a pair 8 times out of 100. And that’s not a very good figure!